enter addons
The years of experience we have in designing and developing help us craft a widget set that will add a bit of elegance to your website without consuming a lot of your time.

Header Footer Snippets

Allow to insert extra code
Put headings and footers in Without changing the theme code, code enables you to add unique CSS, unique HTML, and unique JavaScript code to your website's header and footer.

Website Speed Up

speed up a WordPress website
Eenter addons speed up extension can be increase user website performance using various techniques that helps to Disable self pingbacks, Dequeue emoji scripts, Dequeue Dash icons CSS, Dequeue the post embed script, Dequeue unnecessary Gutenberg CSS, Disable Unembed Resource, Remove Query Strings and Enable instant page. Our Extension provides all ready methods to increase website speed.

Maintenance Mode

convert an image to the WebP format
A website may be placed in maintenance mode for a brief period of time in order to do updates, maintenance, or other duties. Users who visit the site while it is under maintenance may see a notice advising them to return at a later time.

Image Compressor

Compress Image maintaining quality
An image compressor is a tool that reduces an image's file size while preserving some of its quality. This is especially helpful for web images because quicker page loads are made possible by reduced file sizes.

WebP Converter

convert an image to the WebP format
WebP picture format, which offers better compression than other well-known image formats like JPEG and PNG. It is especially helpful for web images because quicker page loads are made possible by reduced file sizes.

URL Shortener

To create a shortened URL
The tool known as a URL Shortener converts a lengthy URL into a more manageable, readily shareable version. When sharing links on social media, in emails, or in other instances when space is at a premium, this is especially helpful.


help to expand user experience
Enter Addons introduce accessibility extension with lots of simple and tricky options. That helps you to expand your user experience and your website reliability

CSS Transform Effects

modify the appearance of an element
CSS transform effects is a CSS property that allows you to modify the appearance and position of an element without affecting the layout of the document. It allows you to rotate, scale, skew, or translate an element in 2D or 3D space.

Floating Animation Effects

Animation Effects of elements
Floating animation effects can be achieved using various CSS properties and techniques, such as transition, transform, and keyframe animations. For example, a simple floating effect can be created by applying a transition property to an element and changing its position, opacity, or scale on hover or click.