How to install EnterAddons Plugin

EnterAddons is an extenstion for Elementor Page Builder. It will enhance your web design.


EnterAddons is an extenstion for Elementor Page Builder. So Elementor Page Builder is the must have plugin for EnterAddons.

If you want to know the requirements of the Elementor Page Builder then pay a visit here .

Other Necessary Things You Need to Consider Before Installing Our EnterAddons.

WordPress Version : 6.0 or higher

PHP Version : 7.4.0 or higher.

PHP Maximum Execution Time : 120 minutes ( min )

PHP Maximum Input Vars : 2500 ( min )

Maximum Post Size : 64M ( min )

Upload Maximum Filesize : 64M ( min )

WP Memory Limit : 256M

Installation Request

EnterAddons considered to be one of the best addons of Elementor. And you can’t use EnterAddons without Elementor. Many users mistakenly install EnterAddons without Elementor.

So to help you out, our EnteraAddons team has managed to bring a pop-up text on the screen. As a result, you can directly install Elementor in case if you miss it.

Let’s see it practically , suppose you have just install EnterAddons with Elementor. And here is the Pop-up text and it’s asking you to install Elementor & activate it.

After you click on the link. Elementor will be installed & activated.

So, this is how this feature works.

From WordPress Plugin Directory, you can easily install and activate our EnterAddons Plugin. But before activating EnterAddons , make sure you have to activate Elementor Page Builder Plugin first. To install the EnterAddons for Elementor follow the bellow steps,

Step 01:

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Then in the search box type these keywords “enteraddons” and click install button.

Step 02:

After successful installation, you have to clilck the “Activate” button to activate the EnerAddons for Elementor.

Step 03:

When you activate the plugin, it will appear in the admin menu.