How to install EnterAddons Pro

After Purchasing EnterAddons Pro, You will get the EnterAddons Pro File on your account to download. After downloading the plugin, you can install just like any other WordPress plugin. Make sure to install Elementor and EnterAddons first. Implement EnterAddons Pro by performing the next step.

Step 01:

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to wp-admin > plugins > Add New.

Step 02:

Now, Click on Upload Plugin.

Now, click on browse and upload the zip file from your local memory and click on ‘Install Now’ button .

Step 03:

Click on ‘ Activate Plugin ‘ to activate Enteraddons Pro.

and That’s it.

Step 04:

Activate License Key:

Without a license key, you cannot use any features of the Enteraddons Pro . so you must acquire the license key to activate all the features of Enteraddons Pro.

Firstly, Go to EnterAddons Dashboard > General.

After that type your License key and click ‘Active’, that is given below.

and That’s it.